USWN was created in August 2007, and has gone through many changes to get to where it is today.


The United States Weather Network first appeared in a Blogger format, in August 2007. It was a site created by a lone weather geek and weather freak named Johnathan . Johnathan took his love for weather to popular He went to the chat room there, and enlisted the staff he thought was worthy of taking the challenge to be members of USWN.


The first member recruited for USWN was Ben, in January. Two other members joined that same month, but quit in 2009, to move on to bigger and better things. There names are being withheld due to their best wishes. When those two members left, Johnathan and Ben were left alone to work at USWN. It's a hard with only two people forecasting for the entire USA. There was no livestream for USWN in 2008, and that made things much easier. Much to their delight and surprise, a new forecaster joined in November.


2009 was one of the best years for USWN. First of all, it moved to a Webs format. Two members of the staff joined (in 2010, one of them quit, and one was fired; names withheld due to their best wishes). Ben quit after USWN moved to Webs. Tornado07 and Tyler also joined. USWN also opened a live streaming source from Livestream.


This year, USWN bought a domain with Ben returned for the JustHost site. In late March, they transferred the same domain into the Blogger format once again! Ben quit once again after the site was once again transferred. The site currently redirects to a Blogger link, but it is expected to be transferred to the domain in June. Two new members were also added- one recently quit, and the other, Rob , is still working for USWN to this date. Ben also returned on April 8, 2010.

Present-Day Forecasters

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